Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Ribbon Flower Card

I posted a very similar card a few  months ago. I did not have the same supplies today, so I changed the design a little bit. I made a shutter card/step card using purple cardstock, purple pearlized paper and an oldie but goodie Anna Griffin patterned paper. I added a 3 inch corner flourish from Cricut Home Accent cartridge, then used ribbons and pearls to make the embellishments.
(I hope to do a video soon on how to make the ribbon flowers) I did not have any pre-made pearl accents so I made my own by sewing and gluing them to the card. (more on that later this week)

It is hard to tell from the pictures, but that is a glass bead in the center of the large flower.
The large flower was made with a variegated wire edged ribbon. The smaller ribbon started out blue. I misted it with purple Glimmer Mist to dye it the color I wanted it.

Here is a handy tip: Mist ribbons and embellishments in an old magazine. The glossy paper keeps you from wasting as much mist as you would on regular paper or a cardboard box. When you are done, you can just rip out the wet pages and throw them away. Easy Peasy.


Monica said...

Beautiful card! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words! Your blog is beautiful, became a follower! http://monicalott.blogspot.com/

Patti P. said...

Jani, so glad you found my blog through SSIC and thanks for following...I am following yours now. I absolutely love this card. I am a big fan of the shutter card and your pearls and flowers are so beautiful. Will love to watch a video on these. Thanks for the tip on the magazine!

planetaoma said...

Jani, thanks for following me. I am your follower now. I see you too love beads. I love purple!

3s said...

Jani, thank you ever so much for you sweet sweet words! I've been checking your blog a bit now, and I have to tell you you're making the prettiest flowers, I'm amazed! Such details, wow.

The card boutique said...

this is beyond beautiful, I love it!!!!