Friday, August 22, 2014

Harley Davidson Emblem

My brother in law loves motorcycles and since masculine cards are usually a challenge,
I decided copy the Harley emblem.

I used a Ranger TH Mirror sheet and black cardstock for the front
and colored cardstock for the one below.
The colored one was intended for the front but then I decided to go a different route.
I added it to the inside since I already had it. 

The Harley Davidson emblem is copy righted.
I made this cut file for my own personal use.
I don't feel right about posting it as a download,
however, if a few people really want the file, you can email me and I will share.


rose tresures said...

Jani, you done a excellent job on that card. It is fantastic. I bet he flips over it. hugs, Patty

zandra said...

Very, cool...I'm sure he'll love it.
Hugz, Z