Saturday, June 14, 2014

Memo Board Instructions

Hello crafty friends!
Remember the Time Traveler Memo Board I did for the Scrapadabadoo Crafts Ustream Event?

There is a magnetic memo board on one side.

And a magnetic dry erase calendar on the other side.

I even covered the dry erase marker in paper. LOL

I FINALLY got the instruction manual and templates finished! (yay me...LOL)
I took forever just because I am slow when I am hurting. But, hey they are here. :) 
I thought I might feel up to streaming again to show the project but have not been up to it yet. 

You can see a video where I show the project here.

There are a couple of things I should explain about the files.

  • They are in a compressed folder to make it easier to download. You will need to download it, then click on the folder and choose "extract all files" in order to open the files the first time. You only need to do this once. Your computer will save the files for you and from then on you will just go to the folder where you saved the files

  • The templates come in a separate folder from the Assembly Guide to insure more accurate measurements. They are also easier to print this way. 

These are just examples.

Assembly Guide comes in 2 forms

     1) a PDF instruction manual that contains working links and allows you to scroll
     from page to page. However, some of the images and print comes out blurry in
     this format.

    2) Individual PDF sheets. You will have to open each page separately but the
    images and print are much clearer.

(I suggest you start with the first version and if you come across some thing you would like to have a better image of you can switch to the individual pages. NOTE: the page numbers do not all match up between the 2 copies)

So here is the link to download all the files for the Time Traveler Memo Board/ Calendar.

I tried to make the instructions as easy as possible with lots of pictures and cutting guides.



zandra said...

You always make the instructions so easy! Love how it came out.
Hugz, Z

Harriett Stinson said...

Thanks Jani. For some reason this just went right over my head that it was also magnetic. I love it even more now. Lol

Lisa said...

Oh wow, this is absolutely gorgeous!! All of the details are stunning!! What a beautiful project!! Have a great weekend :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

cardchick's world said...

Fabulous project!!!! and thank you for sharing you talent with us...

Becky said...

wow..This is fabulous & so creative!